After much searching and then using Leaver & Company, this is the best hosting provider available. Customer service seems to be instant in comparison to other providers.  It seems you get the same service if you are on the smallest plan or the largest plan.
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ChurchTrac is the best Church Management Software I have found and has the best price structure! This is a company that is really a ministry. If you have a need, click the banner.
This was my host for a couple of years, however, the company was sold and support tanked. The site did go down completely for a little while one day. After that, support was a little better, but still lacking. As of this posting on 1/26/2015, I am still waiting for a reply about the host's site security issues. The certificate expired about a month previously. So if a client wants to log into the account, the client is forced to log in on a site that is/was unsecure. Click the banner and see if it is still that way...It is now 3/1/2016 and I still am waiting on replies from these people. Steer clear folks.