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FBpostLet’s take this line by line. The first line states “NOT ONCE DOES THE BIBLE SAY,” and then gives three statements that do not not appear in the Bible. The first of which is “worry about it,” In all actuality, those three words are strung together at least once in the Bible. You will find that in several English translations in 1 Cor. 7:20. However, there is a couple of key words in front of these three words. Those words are “DO NOT”. Funny thing about that statement though. It is proceeded in verse 21 by another statement followed by a question: “Let each one remain in that situation in life in which he was called. [21] Were you called as a slave?”. (NET)

A search of the second phrase “stress over it”, reveals that it is truly not in the Bible in those words.

The third phrase however is found int the NLTse. We do find these words in that exact order! Judges 14:13b  “Three days later they were still trying to figure it out.” Reading that story is quite interesting.

Now we need to study the kicker in the post. “over and over it clearly says, trust God”. A search of the same English translations reveals that only in the NLTse do we find these two words put together in this order. We find them only in Isa 49:4! None of the other 16 translations have these two words put together. While the concept is there through out the Bible, we do actually have to read it in order to see how it says it. Does the Bible actually “CLEARLY SAY TRUST GOD”? I am not sure we can say that. I challenge you to get your Bible out and read your copy until you find where it says “trust God” and then let me know where you found it

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