Interesting trail cam and live hunting videos!
These videos are on youtube and may at the end suggest videos that I personally may not approve of. That is beyond my control so please understand if something inappropriate shows up, it is youtube, not me suggesting the videos at the end.
And suddenly...squirrel hunting gets REAL interesting!
This critter below caused my camera to point straight down!
I laughed and laughed, hope you at least get a giggle:
This one starts boring, but... wait for it... cuteness happens:
A little hard to see, but the deer is just left of center and is really trying to get something from a tree. Notice the date at the's the dead of winter!
He is real determined there is something worth getting up there! I never have figured out what he was going after. The dormant tree must have had good flavor!
Now there is a friend!
The back one begins to dance!
He is on the right now and there is nothing for him to reach for, but he tries anyway!